Comprehensive Training

We offer basic obedience training on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This can be customized to your dog to accomplish whatever goals you have in mind, ranging from just being a better companion, to achieving an AKC title in one of their many performance venues. We work with dogs that have aggression issues, lack of socialization and severe anxiety. In addition to that, we also offer puppy socialization and training, as well as retriever training for Gun Dogs and/or started Junior hunt test work.

Please call us to discuss your dog’s training needs, so we may set up a program just for him/her. Price depends on length of stay and what you wish to accomplish but generally runs $675 a month (plus birds) for a minimum of 4 months.

In addition to basic obedience and hunt/test training, we also offer the following programs:

Puppy Camp

A two-week program designed to socialize your pup to a new level while introducing him to the different aspects of obedience & hunting scenarios. Your pup will be taught Here, Heel, Sit, Place, Kennel, Stay, and Down. He will be introduced to live pigeons and dead ducks. We will walk him/her through our 57 acres, going up and down ditches, through woods and high cover; swim him in our tanks, and socialize him with other pups and lots of people. This is open to all puppies that have had a minimum of 2 vaccinations in the puppy series and up to 6 months of age.  $850 for 2 weeks. Puppies that we have bred and sold get a $100 discount.

Gun Dog Training

During our gun dog training program your hunting companion will learn the basics of waterfowl hunting and obedience. Our goal will be to have your companion steady at the duck blind, retrieve a bird he has marked, deliver it to hand, and learn the basic obedience skills necessary to be a hunting companion.

We are located on 57 beautiful acres with 6 ponds. Our newly-built pond was designed for the in and out retrieves that you see at the hunt/field tests. The rolling terrain offers many different scenarios for setting up marks for retriever training. We have live ducks and pigeons that are used on a daily basis. Basic Retriever training includes basic marking skills, steadiness at the line, return to hand, stretching your dog out for longer marks, and “hunt-it-ups”. This program takes an average of four months; this is dependent upon how quickly your dog progresses and how much he already knows.The rate for this level is $750 (plus birds) for a minimum of 4 months.

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