Welcome to Redmark Labradors
Home of CH Klassic’s High voltage F-18, MH “Jett”
Labrador Retriever, Lexington, Texas

Jett is the backbone of our breeding program. He has been that “once in a lifetime” dog accomplishing both his show Championship & Master Hunter title by the age of 3, becoming the 68th CH/MH that has ever reached this level in the AKC Labrador Breed. Jett has that wonderful Labrador temperament that keeps him active, playful, a focused retriever, and a joy to be around. His thick undercoat allows him to water retrieve in the coldest water without hesitation. He is passing on that desire to please to his puppies making them easy to train and a joy to be around. Be sure to look around our website to see not only Jett, but the Puppies he has sired, the Girls that are his daughters, and Girls that we have purchased with pedigrees that complement him.  Jett is OFA Excellent Hips, Normal Elbows, Eyes are CERF’ed annually and he is EIC/CNM Clear. See his page for Breeding information and his full screen of clearances.

Careful Breeding/Available Puppies

There’s an old saying that “Form Follow’s Function”. We, at Redmark Labradors, believe that in order for a dog to live to full and functional life, he must be bred with the correct frame. That is our primary goal in deciding on a litter of puppies to be bred. To that end, we only breed to OFA Good or Excellent Hips, Normal Elbows, Annually CERFed eyes, at least One Parent being EIC Clear and CNM clear. After those things are considered first, we then look for pedigrees that offer the titles and temperaments that we are looking to add to our breeding program. We usually keep a puppy out of each litter and we want to always be improving on each litter. Titles in pedigrees show what a dog is capable of accomplishing.

While not guaranteed, most of those traits will be passed on to many of the puppies. So basically, we are always looking for type, temperament and titles. Visit our Puppy Page to learn more about how we raise our puppies during their short 8 week time with us. We like to think that we send them to their new homes ready to conquer the world! If you are considering buying a puppy from one of the litters, you should also read more on how we determine which puppy will best suit your family. We normally have 1 or 2 litters in the fall and 1 or 2 litters in the spring, although our lifestyle and the bitches heat cycle are the final determination in the timing of each litter. Please feel free to call us at any time to discuss future breedings.

We may currently have a suitable labrador retriever puppy for you. Visit our puppies page for updates on upcoming and current puppies we have.


How It Started

In the fall of 1991 Mark & I went on a search for a German Shepherd puppy. Only because we couldn’t find a GS that we liked, we stopped by to look at a litter of Labrador Retrievers. There were only 3 left out of a litter of 10 but Mark fell in love with one of the chocolate males that came running up to him. “Red” came home with us that day and became our resident pet. About 2 years later we met the owner of the stud dog that Red came from.

She became our mentor and got us hooked on the hunt tests and confirmation ring parts of the Labrador world. After our first weekend of showing Red in an AKC confirmation ring we had acquired 4 points and I was hooked! Little did I realize that was beginner’s luck! But although we got started late in Red’s life, he ended up with his Junior Hunter title and all his minor points. Not bad for total
novices and a $75 puppy!

The Journey

Fast forward to 2011 and we have learned a lot. We have changed our kennel name from Klassic Kennels to Redmark Labradors as a salute to our first lab, Red. Mark is now an AKC Hunt Test judge and I am a retired contraband dog handler where I spent 6 years working for Interquest Detection K9. We believe that Labrador Retrievers have that special temperament that allows them to do most anything that they are properly trained to do.

We are dedicated to breeding that temperament along with the good looks that the lab is noted for. For that reason we have gone out and selected a few special dogs with the right combination of looks, temperament and pedigrees to further our breeding program. Those pedigrees include multiple titles and sound genetics. Any dog that Redmark breeds will be tested for all prominent diseases that are known in the Labrador breed.